The Fault in Our Stars – John Green

faultI ended up really enjoying this book despite myself.

This is the first John Green book I have read despite having had Looking for Alaska in my possession since around 2008, when I discovered him through his and his brother’s co-run YouTube channel, vlogbrothers. The vlog was great, so when I picked up The Fault in Our Stars I did so with a surge of excitement and anticipation – and then I read the first page and my hopes sank… READ MORE

Wacom Inkling Review

InklingThe Wacom ‘designer tool on the go’ Inkling (available from Amazon) is a digital pen which records what you draw as you draw it using Real Ink on Real Paper. It lets you create layers as you go and stores up to 10 pages worth of pics which you can then transfer to your computer. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, don’t rush out to get one just yet… READ MORE