Two Adventure Time comics…

fionnaHaving gone through my Adventure Time phase in early 2013, I had forgotten how amazing the series is. Fortunately, these two comics (which I had somehow not read through in the last year despite owning them – I know! What was I thinking.) brought the colourful, magical euphoria that is the AT experience flooding back into my life within moments… READ MORE 

World Food Café Vegetarian Bible – Chris and Carolyn Caldicott

foodThis recipe book is simply gorgeous. Every chapter is based around a different region of the world and opens with an introduction on the culture and traditions of the place, complete with vibrant photos of the authors’ visit to the area (Chris and Carolyn Caldicott spent years travelling around the world to find the best dishes most representative of the different countries’ cuisine, and set up the World Food Café in Covent Garden, London). Similar flavour text is present in the margins around the actual recipe pages, making you feel more engaged with the dishes and countries described, and feeding your enthusiasm… READ MORE