Kindle Paperwhite review

kindle-267x300The Kindle Paperwhite: it’s great, buy it!

Fine, fine, I’ll do an actual review – but the above is a pretty good summary of how the following few paragraphs are going to go.

My previous experience of a Kindle was with the original, which worked well enough but had the downsides of being laggy and a bit bulky, with no backlighting. The Paperwhite dispenses with these issues and more… READ MORE

The best places to learn code

Ever since I tried the Hour of Code back in March my mind has kept on trickling back to the idea of coding. Every time I have to do a repetitive task I think ‘man, this would be so much easier if I could just input a repeat command into this’. It was because of this that I decided to try out a slightly less kiddy approach to learning how to code… READ MORE

Octa TabletTail Monkey Kit Review

Credit: OctaHello devoted fans and eager headhunters. Aren’t you tired of having to support the full girth of your tablet with your thick, fleshy fingers? Wouldn’t you love to be able to hold a hot dog in one hand and a beer in the other whilst staring morosely into the void of the internet, able to occasionally swipe at the screen with a sticky little finger to scroll? Don’t you crave the day when you can watch videos and at the same time take a bath without having to keep your hands elevated over the surface of the glorious, all-encompassing heat of the water?

Well of course you are/would/do. Luckily for you, I have just the solution. READ MORE

The Hour of Code – An awesome introduction to coding

The Hour of Code (UK site here) was introduced in December 2013 to give kids and people who weren’t so hot on coding a window into its process., the non-profit running the Hour, wants to introduce coding to schools in particular and highlight the changes set to take place in the UK curriculum in 2014… READ MORE

Wacom Inkling Review

InklingThe Wacom ‘designer tool on the go’ Inkling (available from Amazon) is a digital pen which records what you draw as you draw it using Real Ink on Real Paper. It lets you create layers as you go and stores up to 10 pages worth of pics which you can then transfer to your computer. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, don’t rush out to get one just yet… READ MORE

Netatmo Urban Weather Station

The Netatmo Urban Weather Station is the world’s first personal weather station, letting you monitor environmental elements indoors and outside to help you plan your comings and goings. The device transmits data through WiFi to an app which is accessible on Apple and Android devices as well as through internet browsers. READ MORE

Tefal OptiGrill – Steak-baking made easy

optiThe people at Tefal have been very busy bees ; they’ve brought out a whole new rash of products, from saucepans to steam generators.

Also new is the OptiGrill, a grill that makes cooking so ridiculously easy, you don’t have to do an awful lot to produce brilliant-quality food in the comfort of your own kitchen… READ MORE


Tefal Ingenio Collection – Pans with a handy removable handle

aaaaaaCooking giant Tefal has announced its new range of cookware and steam generators, and I was invited to their lavish press show to find out exactly what all the fuss was about.

Not being someone who gets excited about saucepans on a regular basis, I was nevertheless pretty impressed by their new Ingenio Collection… READ MORE